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Is a Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

May. 07, 2021

Is a Vacuum Sealer Worth It?

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Wasting food is one of my biggest worries! I like buying food in large quantities, and I know our family will use it up before it spoils. Meat is the most important. However, it is usually a large package packed in plastic bags or unsealed bags. So when I put it in the refrigerator, it quickly froze out. When I took it out and used it, it was no longer the best quality. Is the vacuum sealer worth the money?

Is a vacuum sealer really worth the money?

For those who buy and cook food in large quantities, the vacuum sealer is a good value for money, especially meat, vegetables, fruits, bread, and even cheese. For those who wish to expand their food storage and have free refrigerator space, the vacuum sealer will help extend the shelf life of many daily foods by up to 4-6 times. Simply put, if you want to buy bulk food, have a home garden, hunt, or fish, then yes, a vacuum sealer is worth the money.

Many people invest in vacuum sealers because they help keep food fresh for longer, making many types of food (meat, soup, vegetables, fruits, bread, and more) shelf stable, especially in freezers and refrigerators . Incredibly, a proper vacuum-sealed bag that has stored stable foods such as flour, rice, sugar, and pasta can extend its shelf life, up to 4-6 times in your pantry.

The vacuum sealer works by sucking out all the air and sealing it at once.

Fill the bag with the food you want to store.

Clean the top of the bag to make sure there is no food or moisture on it.

Put the bag in the opening and seal it.


Store in the refrigerator or pantry depending on what you store.

Make sure you have the least amount of air in your bag or container, which will greatly extend the life of your food in the refrigerator.

Why should I get all the air out of the bag?

Food that is not tightly wrapped or sealed in airtight packaging may be scorched in the refrigerator. Although eating frozen burnt food usually does not cause worry, you will notice that the taste and texture of frozen burnt food is very unwelcome.

Refrigerator burns are caused by the contact time of air and food for too long. It can also be caused by rapid changes in temperature, such as when you put hot food in the refrigerator. The extra condensation in the packaging or container can cause extra ice to accumulate on the food.

Make sure to get all the air out of the bag. You can also prevent dry foods such as biscuits or cereals from losing their taste or chewing. This is usually due to moisture in the air entering the bag without sealing.

How long can food be kept in a vacuum sealed bag?

A vacuum sealer is worthwhile, because if used frequently, it will save you all the excess food from spoiling.

The storage time of vacuum-sealed food is 4-6 times longer than that of non-vacuum-sealed food. In many cases, vacuum-sealed and frozen food can be stored for 2-3 years, and if the same food is stored in other ways, such as the way you buy it from a grocery store, it can only be stored for up to 6-12 months. In addition, some perishable foods, such as vacuum-sealed berries, can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, which is much longer than most foods that can only be stored in the refrigerator for 2-6 days.

What should you not vacuum seal?

Although there are so many different things you can vacuum seal, there are some things you should not vacuum seal.

You should not seal

Soft cheese

Raw banana/mushroom

Whole apple

Raw onion or garlic/cabbage/lettuce

Freshly cooked or steamed food

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